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Climate Change – Take Action
Students will learn how doing small acts in their environment can affect climate change by reducing their carbon footprint.
Climate Change
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With increased discussion surrounding climate change, people are left to wonder; what can we do to help? It seems daunting, that simple question. At first glance, it seems that the answer is more on a global scale. With the rise in temperatures and natural vegetation disappearing it feels as if it’s too late to do anything.


So we go back to our initial question – what can we do to help? Believe it or not, but an individual can make an enormous impact on the health of the Earth. It can be as simple as planting flowers in your local park for the bees, using reusable water bottles, and helping natural vegetation thrive. The possibilities are limitless, it’s just taking this first step that may be difficult. That’s why the volunteers of Bunny’s Flowers are here to help you make that initial move. 


The Bunny’s Flowers team focuses on all aspects of environmental and wellness education programs that center on community development and public education for children, adults and families. Bunny’s Flowers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, managed and led by all volunteers.


The mission? To inspire a passion for environmental education and gardening for all ages. Bunny’s Flowers is committed to reducing deforestation and landfill activity. The organization offers various sustainability programs aimed to educate those who join on how to use post-consumer, recycled plastic in line with its unique applications as an ecological alternative to ease the curve of non-recycled materials that end up polluting our environment.


“Bunny’s  Flowers – Environmental Education – An experience throughout one’s life and learning process for the kinship between humans and the environment that leads to education and awareness of citizenry, using the unique problem-solving skills, ethical awareness, and sensitivity to scientific and social literacy. A devotion to activism in a responsible individual and cooperative and collaborative action. The environmentally enlightened citizen will act upon these qualities and pay their dues by creating an economical and ecological self-sustaining environment” – Brandon Grossinger, Founder