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Bunny's Wish:
A Legacy of Giving....

A Little About Us!

Bunny's Flowers was created to honor the life and legacy of Ricelle "Bunny" Grossinger and her many years of philanthropy, education, community, volunteerism, leadership, professorship, and so much more. Throughout her life, she was known as a mother to all and always made people feel loved and part of her family. Her legacy of love went far beyond the human connection, she was a very accomplished professional in her time when women didn't have that many opportunities. There is much to say about her life story, there are even a few books written either by her or about her, but let's focus on her connection Bunny's Flowers to start.

When Bunny's Flowers was Founded, as one of the founding members, she knew she could entrust the organization to honor her legacy, but she had one main specific wish, and that wish was to teach children gardening. She not only had a lifelong passion for gardening and flowers herself, but she deeply understood the need for children and families to keep gardening as part of their regular lives

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The Bunny's Wish Program

Bunny's wish was to teach children gardening above all else, so we are here to fulfill her wish and make it grow!

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Benefits Of Gardening With Kids

  • Responsibility — Gardening is a great way to teach your kids about responsibility. Tending to a plant’s needs is work. …
  • Respect for the earth & its resources — Planting and tending fruits & vegetables teaches children where food comes from and gives a window into what it takes to grow farm and produce food….
  • Botany Education — Tending to plants and flowers provides exposure to various plants and teaches about indigenous varieties
  • Sustainability — Gaining insights into what the earth & soil can produce and how to keep it healthy …
  • Patience — Plants take time and care to grow, and that helps build excitement and teaches patience…
  • Health & Well being — Getting outside and working in nature and appreciating the world around you can help reduce stress and improve the immune system

Community Involvement and collaboration

In addition to Bunny’s focus on education through Bunny’s Flowers, Bunny had a long history of philanthropy and involvement with other local charities. Bunny’s Flowers continues this collaboration with other local & charitable organizations that aim to give back to the community and bring joy into people’s lives, to encourage a better world.

One example was the partnership with God’s Love We Deliver – Bunny’s Birthday Cake Bonanza, and Bunny’s Wish Programs.

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