Bunny’s Flowers is proud to announce it’s partnership with The Anti Defamation  League, the oldest and largest organization fighting anti-Semitism, racism, and hate in the world. The mission goes far beyond just that, please go to their website for more information and stay tuned for educational program announcements.

Bunny’s Flowers is proud to announce it’s partnership, where we are honored to join in the mission of planting trees globally and educating communities about environmental education. Our mission and values align and we are dedicated to increasing our outreach through this and our many other partnership initiatives. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

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Bunny’s Flowers is a proud member of the

Anthropocene Alliance where we have teamed up with the nation’s largest coalition of frontline communities fighting for climate and environmental justice. Bunny’s volunteers work directly on the frontline of some of the nations most extreme issues that directly affect our ability to sink or swim in our respective environments. Environmental education and activism directly correlate to the quality of life in our communities that are impacted by things like pollution, flooding, government policy, crime, homelessness, violence, human trafficking, and so many other atrocities. 

Bunny’s Flowers is powered by 

Catchafire volunteers from all walks of life from around the globe. We are a network of volunteers, nonprofits, and funders working together to solve urgent problems and lift up communities. Our volunteers have various levels of experience from beginner, intermediate, to master degrees of education. We pride ourselves on working in unity with other organisations that match our mission in environmental education.


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