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SEQUEL’s Mission: The Bucks County Intermediate Unit’s SEQUEL Program is designed to support families, empower individuals, and provide unique high-quality services to enrich our clients’ lives. We are a non-profit partnering with Bunny’s Flowers Farm to provide our adults with a learning experience on how to care for and maintain living organisms, such as plants and agriculture.

Bunny’s Flowers will be donating space on their farm to provide our adults with the opportunity to learn job skills such as teamwork, adaptability, project management, and more that they can take with them for future employment.

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Bunny’s Flowers is located on the traditional homelands of the Lenapehokink, which, in the Lenape language, means “land of the Lenape.”, A confederation of six nations who have lived in the Northeastern United States for centuries. The Lenape are the original stewards of this land, and their culture and traditions are deeply rooted here.


By signing the Treaty of Renewed Friendship,  Bunny’s Flowers has created a working partnership through educational initiatives to honor Lenape traditions. Also, we are raising awareness of the age-old injustices that have endlessly harmed the Indigenous peoples, which requires much healing.


Through environmental education, Bunny’s Flowers has found synergy with its values in respecting the land in which we serve and with Indigenous peoples to honor the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania.

We believe that these actions are a small step towards building a more just and equitable world.  We are committed to continuing to learn from the Lenape traditions and to working with them to create a more sustainable future. For more information please go to www.lenape-nation.org


Bunny’s Flowers is proud to announce it’s partnership with The Thriving Earth Exchange, supporting community science by helping communities find resources, project managers, and experts to address their pressing concerns. Together they work to help communities be more empowered, resilient, and responsive.
Advancing Eco Agriculture works with growers to create customized crop programs combining biological and mineral nutrition products with regenerative practices to improve crop quality, yields, and disease and insect resistance while regenerating soil health.
Bunny’s Flowers is proud to announce it’s partnership www.OneTreePlanted.org, where we are honored to join in the mission of planting trees globally and educating communities about environmental education. Our mission and values align and we are dedicated to increasing our outreach through this and our many other partnership initiatives. Stay tuned for exciting updates!
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Bunny’s Flowers is a proud member of the Anthropocene Alliance where we have teamed up with the nation’s largest coalition of frontline communities fighting for climate and environmental justice. Bunny’s volunteers work directly on the frontline of some of the nations most extreme issues that directly affect our ability to sink or swim in our respective environments. Environmental education and activism directly correlate to the quality of life in our communities that are impacted by things like pollution, flooding, government policy, crime, homelessness, violence, human trafficking, and so many other atrocities.

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