Bunny's Flowers

With your help we can grow!

As a non-profit organization run by volunteers, we encourage individuals to become involved in any way they can.


If you enjoy getting involved consider volunteering.  We encourage the participation of volunteers who support our mission. If you want to find out more about what opportunities exist and how you can participate please fill out our volunteer form and tell us a bit about your interests.  

All information on the form will be kept confidential.

Bunny’s Flowers is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible


Your donation can make a change in your community and the world. Here are just some of the things your donation will help support:

  • Teaching kids that nature is fascinating, messy, and needs our help to get healthy again
  • Projects to educate people on nature, the environment and agriculture
  • Children’s garden research programs
  • Education on farming in small spaces to support plants and pollinators

Phase 2 – SEQUEL & Bunny’s Flowers special requests

SEQUEL’s Mission: The Bucks County Intermediate Unit’s SEQUEL Program is designed to support families, empower individuals, and provide unique high-quality services to enrich our clients’ lives. We are a non-profit partnering with Bunny’s Flowers Farm to provide our adults with a learning experience on how to care for and maintain living organisms, such as plants and agriculture.

Bunny’s Flowers will be donating space on their farm to provide our adults with the opportunity to learn job skills such as teamwork, adaptability, project management, and more that they can take with them for future employment. While we are excited for this opportunity, we need supplies, soil, and garden beds to make this happen. Therefore we would like to ask for any financial support or donations so our participants can engage in this experience that will impact the community’s ecosystem.
If you would like to know more about the supplies that we may need,
please email Erin Baeder at ebaeder@bucksiu.org or Brandon Grossinger at bunnysflowersus@gmail.com

Bunny’s Flowers is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible

Donate Supplies

We are happy to accept donations of supplies to help us in the garden and for our educational programs. As a 501c3 charity we accept many types of donations other than money. For our students to thrive, just like any other charity in the world, donations of actual items is extremely important for us to fulfill our mission. Things like farm and garden supplies, equipment, plants, seeds, trees, safety gear, and anything else that could be of value, there is almost no limit to the type of things we accept within reason. For more information about how you can donate and receive a tax deductible letter so you can write off your donation for its full value on your taxes, feel free to contact our email at any time.

Please contact Brandon Grossinger at admin@bunnysflowers.org.

Soil, plants, trees, garden tools, etc

Take a Class

If you really enjoy an appreciate the environment take a look at our educational offerings.  We have a wide range of classes both online and in person..