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Bunny Grossinger


Ricelle “Bunny” Grossinger is a lifelong activist and educator with roots in the non-profit sector. One of Bunny’s most notable, impactful works was her involvement as an executive board member in forming the American Disabilities Act in the 1990s. She was also a proud professor at New York University and served on countless other boards in her lifelong career.

Bunny proudly continued a legacy of community development at Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel near the village of Liberty, New York. Grossinger’s started as a small farm for New York City residents seeking a healthier lifestyle in the lush countryside. This small farm soon ran out of space as guests were sleeping across the lawn and would later become one the most renowned communities in New York’s history that eventually had its own zip code.

Bunny’s Flowers honors the life and legacy of its founders’ family history through the Bunny’s Wish Program and many other community services

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Gregory Booth


Gregory Booth has over 20 years of experience in the social services network including having served as a social worker and an eligibility specialist in child care subsidy work.<br>

Gregory and Brandon Grossinger met while working in a nursing home kitchen as teenagers, and later co-founded Bunny’s Flowers.

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Brandon Grossinger

President & Co-Founder

Brandon Grossinger has been working in community development and education for over 20 years. His impassioned leadership skills have driven his work in elevating local activism and birthing sustainable, collaborative solutions to meet community needs for long-term sustainability.

Brandon is a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School’s educator program and has applied his learnings throughout his extensive work experience. His work includes assisting the Youth Services Agency’s outdoor adventure and music therapy programs, and teaching and mentoring at-risk youth in juvenile detention.

He also co-founded Broad Street Beats, which served North Philadelphia’s children and families through various educational programs that were later adopted by various churches and other educational organizations throughout the city to help increase its community impact.

As a community development consultant, Brandon has served alongside an array of community leaders and organizations notably Miracle Corners of the World NYC, and Blue Ocean Global Technology.

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Adam Jacobs

Executive Board Advisor and NYC Public Relations Director

Rabbi Adam Jacobs was born and raised in New York and has lived in Boston and Jerusalem, where he received his rabbinic ordination. He completed his B.A. in Music from Brandeis University and has a Masters of Jazz Performance from the New England Conservatory. His writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, the Times of Israel, the Algemeiner Journal and Aish.com. He has a podcast on music and spirituality called The Secret Chord and is the host of a YouTube show on science and theology called Beyond Belief. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Penina and 5 children.

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Francine Elizabeth Natal

Executive Director of Education - Philadelphia

A Philadelphia Native, born at the Presbyterian Hospital, Francine began her education at S. Weir Mitchell Elementary School, Evelyn Graves Christian Academy, 2 years Undergraduate College of Arts & Science major at Temple University, and 3 years at Saint Joseph’s University, with a BS in Elementary Education, SJU Alumni member.  Also proudly a Board Member of WAHTPhilly, Women Against Human Trafficking Philly,(https://womenagainsthuman-trafficking.com) I am a self-published author of 3-books of poetry:_ Every Rose Has a Thorn, a collection of poetry-.

I am a weekly podcast host of The Exceptional Scribble Show- a live-streaming audio broadcast that airs on Tuesday nights @ 8PM EST, via the www.talkshoe.com Internet server, since May of year 2014. The show’s platform is a backdrop used both to promote Literacy and to promote INDIE/Independent Literary Artists and Independent Artists in general. I invite writers who are published to come on to the panel and to share their published literary works. The goal and objective is that each special guest artist in the spotlight- discuss in depth- the Process, Purpose, and Prose behind writing and or delivering relevant, Spoken Word Art & Poetry, i.e. sharing their JOURNEY as a Literary Artist and where they plan to be within a trajectory of 5yrs as an accomplished Poet and or Spoken Word Artist.

I have been a Teacher & Educator for almost 30 years, a child literacy advocate, and a literacy enrichment specialist. I am a published freelance journalist. Writing is my Passion and assisting writers in developing book ideas is my joy. My passion to be a part of Bunny’s Flowers stems from being an Artist as a child, sketching Flowers was always a joy. To be a part of an organization that loves and understands flowers and environmental education is an honor for me.

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Mike Herman

Advisory Board Chief

Mike is the owner of CrossFit Summa in Doylestown, PA as well as a Health and Physical Education teacher at the independent Crefield School in Chestnut Hill, PA. He is committed to helping the communities he serves stay fit, healthy, and happy through education. Mike and his gym, CrossFit Summa, are striving to improve the surrounding community with a passion for helping others through service projects and following through its commitment to equity and inclusion.

At the Crefeld School, he is involved in the schools mission to empower young students who are capable of critically thinking, being socially active, and leaders of change in their communities.

Mike is excited to be a member of Bunny’s Flowers, an organization that shares many of his ideals, morals, and passions for improving the world around us.

Jessica Staley

Advisory Board Member

Lisa Viazanko

Advisory Board Member

Zach Bullock

Advisory Board Member

Stephanie Worthington

Advisory Board Member

Carl Vivaldi

Advisory Board Member

Mayya Saab

Advisory Board Member and Program Coordinator

Mayya is a philanthropic philosopher who profoundly understands why it is necessary to meet physical, psychological, and communally needs. She has experienced and participated in acts of kindness that support others, and witnessed those moments to spark majorly altruistic missions, Altruism is Alive! Mayya passionately shares this thought with her communities.  Mayya has a human-focused educational background: a B.A. in Psychology from Temple University Graduate Certificate in Restorative Practices from IIRP Graduate School. Mayya is also a long-standing professional in the human services sector working with the public in various roles for over 15+ years. Right now, she is studying to become a Registered Nurse. Mayya’s hobbies include the musical arts, mathematics, painting, thought-experimenting, reading, and writing.

Michelle Castillo

Content Writing Strategist and Copywriter

Michelle holds a degree in Media Studies and understands the importance of appealing to others in the media realm. She’s a prolific writer. Having 8 years of experience in journalism and owning a magazine herself, she has found a love for bringing stories to life. Michelle also has experience writing copy for podcasts, media companies, and advertising agencies. When she isn’t writing, you can find Michelle taking concert photos, going on a hike, or taking care of her many houseplants.

David Groverman


Mr. Groverman is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania’s environmental sciences programs, but his contributions to the local and global community stand out far greater than his educational accolades. Creating opportunities for our communities in Pennsylvania and nation wide, David’s family has a healthy passion for environmental education, equally as much as he loves his gardens. David’s entrepreneurial success have provided community development across many landscapes and industries, creating a positive social impact wherever he goes. His gardens in Pennsylvania and Costa Rica show his relentless desire to help our ever growing eco system and environmental problems from getting worse. David is a keystone of our many bridges of educational opportunities for children and families through out our programs and his network compliments our ability for outreach and continue to grow. With a B.A. in Biology from Temple University’s Business courses, the MBA program, and real Estate Development  in the Philadelphia Region, David is a proud member of our team and is hands on in every aspect of our decision making process and project implementation in our communities.

Justine Torres


Justine is a highly driven and motivated professional with over 15 years of diverse experience in recruiting, HR, customer service, administrative and project management. As a highly skilled, multi-tasking self-starter who maintains organization, handles pressure and keeps operations running smoothly, she brings a logical and powerful strength to out team. Justine brings environmental and health awareness to our programs through the magic of her dance classes and various other unique opportunities at her one-of-a-kind location Stars-Studios in Plumsteadville, PA. Justine offers her classes through our programs to enhance the lives of our community.

Alyssa Lisenbe

Social Media Content Creator/Manager

Alyssa is a Public Affairs Specialist in the Delaware Army National Guard and has been MOS-certified in digital media, article writing, photography, videography/editing, graphic design, and is highly skilled in Social Media Entrepreneurship. She is currently the full-time Social Media Manager for the Recruiting side of the National Guard. As a citizen soldier she loves to serve and protect her community and this is one way to do it. She has a bright and positive spirit, incredible work ethic, and a bright smile that is needed to keep our social media content smiling brightly as well.