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Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture all aspects of environmental and wellness education programs that center on community development and public education for children, adults and families. Bunny’s Flowers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, managed and led by all volunteers. 

Core Goals

Environmental Education

Regenerative Agriculture

Sustainable Communities

Partnerships for Goals


Big News!

Phase 1 Accomplishments... up and running

Even though we started just before Covid we have successfully reached over 1000 students through online & in person classes.

We have been able to provide hands-on environmental learning opportunities to individuals, groups, and communities, through garden and classroom settings.  We've been able to work with local groups to create greenspaces or use existing planting beds for environmental learning and planting.  We've held pop-up educational programs with take-home learning anchors (typically potted plants).  


All these community education and online options are still available. 

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Big News!

Phase 2 is on its way!

We are excited to announce the launch of Bunny's Flowers Phase 2:  Bunny's Flower's Food and Flower Farms, an initiative that combines sustainable farming practices, regenerative agriculture, environmental education, and wildlife conservation. The new Bunny’s Flowers Farm in Bucks County, PA, will be our newest addition to our Urban Farm and Ecology Center. Program details are on the way, so watch this space for updates!

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Exciting Project!

Community Garden Project with SEQUEL

SEQUEL's Mission: The Bucks County Intermediate Unit’s SEQUEL Program is designed to support families, empower individuals, and provide unique high-quality services to enrich our clients' lives. We are a non-profit partnering with Bunny's Flowers Farm to provide our adults with a learning experience on how to care for and maintain living organisms, such as plants and agriculture.


Bunny's Flowers will be donating space on their farm to provide our adults with the opportunity to learn job skills such as teamwork, adaptability, project management, and more that they can take with them for future employment.

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Bunny's Flowers Courses

Explore Some of Our Courses

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Composting: How to Start a Compost

Learn about the fundamentals of composting, exploring its environmental benefits and waste reduction. Get your hands dirty and feed your garden by following this guide.
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Yoga and Environmental Education

Students will grow their knowledge base about the health benefits of yoga by becoming more informed about environmentalism. Learn about how they are connected!

Soil Regeneration and Environmentalism

In this lesson you'll learn the ways in which you can regenerate soil to grow native plants and the importance of doing our part in improving the land for future generations
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“Bunny’s  Flowers – Environmental Education – An experience throughout one’s life and learning process for the kinship between humans and the environment that leads to education and awareness of citizenry, using the unique problem-solving skills, ethical awareness, and sensitivity to scientific and social literacy. A devotion to activism in a responsible individual and cooperative and collaborative action. The environmentally enlightened citizen will act upon these qualities and pay their dues by creating an economical and ecological self-sustaining environment.”


– Brandon Grossinger, Founder 


About Our Land

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Bunny’s Flowers is located on the traditional homelands of the “Lenapehokink”, which means "land of the Lenape" in the Lenape language. The Lenape, a confederation of six nations in the Northeastern United States, have lived here for centuries and are the original stewards of this land. We, at Bunny’s Flowers, have signed the Treaty of Renewed Friendship and are committed to a working partnership with the Lenape Nation through educational initiatives to honor their traditions and raise awareness about historical injustices against Indigenous peoples. This partnership aligns with our values of respecting the land and collaborating with Indigenous communities to honor the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania. For more information please go to www.lenape-nation.org