Mother Nature has a world of medicine hidden in plants and in the environment around us

There is a wealth of scientific data over time throughout the world behind the health benefits of gardening. Gardening promotes a sense of well being and many other important health benefits. A portion of all proceeds goes to Bunny’s Flowers non-profit organization and to our affiliate organizations worldwide.


There’s so much to do in the garden – what will you take on? Check out all the once-in-a-lifetime adventures you and your family can learn about.


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“I’ve known, and worked with, Brandon for a long time. He has always exceeded my expectations. Most importantly, he’s very trustworthy. As a business owner, I need someone who gets the job done. Whenever I work with Brandon, I know that the task will get done well and that I don’t have to worry about it. That’s why I continue to work with him.”


“Brandon is an excellent teacher – so easy going yet at the same time you can tell he really is wants to give you a valuable lesson. I never feel like a bother to ask him for help or to do a demonstration for me. He’s a master of his craft and is totally down to earth – that’s why I keep coming back!”


“Brandon and I used to sell products together at different events and also share a lot of business and life goals over the years. After over 15 years of knowing someone like B you not only can’t help but love his level of professional courtesy, but he is a kind and caring friend that I can talk to about anything “


“ I would like to thank and recognize Brandon from Bunny’s flowers. My daughter is working with him and he is an amazing mentor.  They are working on gardening, planting, watering, propagating and all of the great learning that goes with it. My daughter is 14 and is gaining independence, a sense of ownership for the gardening project and following the quiet leadership from Brandon. He leads with a laid back approach and works with my daughter to foster empowerment and independence. Brandon is an amazing leader without being bossy and taking the ideas and working together. He gives ideas and works with my daughter for planning and organization. This has been an amazing experience all around and such a relief and bright spot amid all of the turmoil with COVID. She loves having an outdoor job and she has a sense of pride with the garden project. It has given her time with various family members to show off her project and have something unique and personal for herself. My daughter is the youngest and she finally has something she is proud of and to call her own. This has been the best thing for us and has been a real bright spot for our family. Thank you to Brandon and Bunny for being an inspiration. We are so grateful for the opportunity”
Jenn Kuehl

“ Hi, I am Megan and I am a volunteer for Bunny’s Flowers. During my experience working for Bunny’s Flowers I have weeded and watered the vegetable garden, planted pumpkins, and tomatoes, and other plants that were donated. It is a very exciting, educational and rewarding experience for me. During each shift, I begin my work by using the empty pots to propagate more plants. Each time I make about 10 pots from the flowers at the shop. I see if the garden needs to be watered, because it has been so hot lately and the garden is in such desperate need of water. Other times it rains too much, and the garden does not need to be watered or may need just some light watering. I head back up to the shop and I end my shift by cleaning up outside to make sure things are tidied up. I sweep or power wash outside because there can get a build up of tiny pebbles, and I wash them out to make it look clean. I enjoy growing and becoming a responsible person for Brandon to be able to count on and rely on. I can’t wait to see the progression of this wonderful program and the projects that we have discussed. I am so lucky to be involved with Bunny’s Flowers, there is so much that is in store for this wonderful program that Brandon has shared with me. It is an honor to represent Bunny’s Flowers.” -Megan Kuehl

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brandon for inviting me to work with him on Bunny’s Flowers. Like him, I developed my passion for gardening from working with my own grandmother. The memories I shared with her are held close to my heart, and working with a group that is based on the same principles makes me feel like I’m keeping these memories alive. Brandon and I first worked together making a glass sculpting video for my students. When I reached out to him he was eager to help me and his passion for education became clear. Whether you’re working with him as a student or a colleague, his laidback attitude and knowledgeable manner make him a pleasure to work with. When he explained to me his mission of bringing together his love of `education with his love of the environment, I immediately became interested.Bunny’s Flowers is an amazing example of how students can develop not only an appreciation for the Earth, but also a deeper appreciation for themselves.Bunny’s Flowers is an amazing example of how students can develop not only an appreciation for the Earth, but also a deeper appreciation for themselves.Gardening is a gratifying skill that fosters a confidence students will take with them to adulthood. As an educator and a new mom, I hope to use Bunny’s Flowers to instill these values in my own son, as we set out to make our own gardening memories together.” – Stephanie Worthington

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