Bunny's Flowers

Bunny’s Flowers focusses on all aspects of environmental and wellness education programs that center on community development and public education for children, adults and families.

Bunny's Flowers - Community Development and Public Education Programs

Bunny's Bloom - Flower Art Therapy

Working with flowers can provide a moment of calm and focus to help us feel more “balanced”. Our “create your own” garden program provides an environmental education opportunity for children and families to learn the basics of plant propagation and garden maintenance, and then take those skills to develop your own home garden.

Bunny's Sustainability - Post-Consumer,
Recycled Plastic Lumber

Bunny’s Flowers is committed to reducing deforestation and landfill activity. Our sustainability program educates our students on how to use post-consumer, recycled plastic in line with its unique applications as an ecological alternative to ease the curve of non-recycled materials that end up polluting our environment.

Bunny's Wellness

Bunny’s Flowers is committed to not only teaching about and nourishing our environment but also in cultivating a healthier lifestyle for our community with our partnership, wellness programs that include fitness, yoga and dance.

Sustainable Community Development Is Our Mission

Good Health & Wellbeing

Sustainable Cities & Communities

Quality Education

Partnerships for Goals

Community Feedback

“Brandon is an excellent teacher – so easygoing yet at the same time you can tell he really wants to give you a valuable lesson. I never feel like a bother to ask him for help or to do a demonstration for me. He’s a master of his craft and is totally down to earth – that’s why I keep coming back!" - Gillian Carr
“ Hi, I am Megan and I am a volunteer for Bunny’s Flowers. During my experience working for Bunny’s Flowers I have weeded and watered the flower garden, planted seeds, tomatoes, and other plants that were donated. It is a very exciting, educational and rewarding experience for me. I enjoy growing and becoming a responsible person for Brandon to be able to count on and rely on. I can’t wait to see the progression of this wonderful program and the projects that we have discussed. I am so lucky to be involved with Bunny’s Flowers, there is so much that is in store for this wonderful program that Brandon has shared with me. It is an honor to represent Bunny’s Flowers.” -
“This is one class that lives up to its name – kindness.” -

Bunny’s Flowers Environmental Education highlights the kinship between humans and the environment, and the importance in creating an economical and ecological self-sustaining environment. This affinity bolsters an awareness of citizenry, ethical awareness, a sensitivity to scientific and social literacy, and a devotion to activism and collaborative action.

- Brandon Grossinger, Founder