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Repotting Plants attributes to their good health; knowing when to repot a plant is essential.

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INTRODUCTION: Happy PLANTING and “Flower Power” to all!

I am best known as SAGE the Healer, one who is an “Earth Angel”, a Healer, and a FRIEND to Mother EARTH’s Terra Fauna. I have always had an innate passion of caring for Plants. I have several House Plants but chose to SPOTLIGHT my ALOE Plants in this Ecology lesson i.e., Plant Care Tips write up. First things first, REPOTTING is essential, Plants who are repotted (as needed) do better, thrive to lead longer and healthy lives.


REPOTTING FACTS: When should you repot a plant?

Plants typically need to be repotted every 12 to 18 months, so if you haven’t repotted your plants in the last year, then you may want to give your plants a little extra TLC (soil).


SAGE’s PLANT CARE TIPS- with Aloe Vera plant- repotting experiences:
I repotted my Aloe Vera PLANTS because they outgrew the pots, they were in. Some Aloe Vera plants were separated from their Mothers in the process, it was a challenge to do but for growth’s sake it had to be done. Whoever told you that repotting was an easy take was lying, it is most challenging due to the fact it does involve purging i.e., excising the dead vines or roots from the living plant and its roots.


This requires a steady and slow hand- which entails a gentle touch and TLC, you never want to damage roots because they take longer to heal once damaged. To add, I use raw organic Sage powder to the soil when repotting to ensure the health and wellness of the plant is promoted. SAGE is a Sacred Herb known as a Healer and Energy Protecting Vibrating Plant. A Key benefit of using SAGE in soil, it is a natural Pesticide. To learn more about the benefits of using SAGE in soil, or growing SAGE visit the source link: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/sage


Lesson Plan 4 Page 1 Repotting Plants attributes to their good health knowing when to repot a plant is essential. 1Lesson Plan 4 Page 2 Repotting Plants attributes to their good health knowing when to repot a plant is essential.



LESSON-4: REPOTTING Plants…the Do’s and the Don’ts.

INSTRUCTIONS: To answer the questions listed below, you must first read the REPOTTING FACTS data on page 1. *Also, you must do a Google search and or gather facts via Bing.com and www.ask.com.


QUESTION: How often does Plants need to be repotted?
Answer: _____________________________________________


QUESTION: When you haven’t repotted your Plant in the proper timing, what should you give your Plant plenty of?
Answer: _____________________________________________


QUESTION: A Day or two before you repot your Plant, what should you do?
Answer: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

QUESTION: What do you do after repotting your Plant?
Answer: _____________________________________________


DIRECTIONS: To answer all above questions, or for further study and research…

Refer to the source links provided:

1. How To Re-pot Indoor Plants And 5 Reasons Why You Should:


2. How to repot a plant (Step 1):





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What Will You Learn?

  • Plant health care enhancement is a benefit of this course; you will be introduced to methods on how to repot plants which are successful steps to take when repotting to assure success. To add, soil treatment and care alongside watering is mentioned and instructions provided to ensure a healthy repotting experience for the plant that is eco-friendly.

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